Playgroup Queensland is able to provide quality services to families with the help of Playgroup Volunteers. Without our dedicated playgroup volunteers, we would not be able to run over 1,000 playgroup sessions each week across Queensland.

Playgroup Queensland has over 400 active volunteers who have been connected with playgroup for a large part of its lifespan. Volunteers also help to support Playgroup Queensland event delivery. Volunteering benefits not just the families who attend playgroup, but it also strengthens the local community.

Steps to becoming a volunteer

1. Apply

Submit the volunteering form below and then complete the necessary forms applicable to the volunteering role.

2.  Complete forms

Complete the forms and return them to Playgroup Queensland.

3.  Apply for Blue Card

Volunteering with Playgroup Queensland requires a Blue Card.  There is no cost to obtain this card if you are volunteering, please allow 1-2 months to process this card.

4.  Start volunteering

Once you have completed the steps to volunteering you are able to commence in your role.  The time allocated will depend on the role you are working in.  Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Playgroup Queensland.