I am not going to lie; it is with a bit of relief and anxiety as I watch some restrictions being lifted across Queensland.  The next few months are bound to make more waves as we continue to work towards maintaining an environment that is as safe and secure as can be, not only for our children but also ourselves. 

Now more than ever, we must be connected and supportive as we learn to navigate through this experience.  As a mum of three children and early childhood teacher, I’d love to share a couple of tips I hope you find helpful on how you can remain connected through this time of adversity and uncertainty because together we are stronger.

  • Establish (if you have not done so already) or continue your weekly check ins with loved ones using the many platforms available such as phone/text message/video calling and social media or find a pen pal and get writing!
  • Use the Playgroup Queensland platforms to reach out and connect with the wider Playgroup family by adding comments, questions, ideas, and celebrations – we would love to hear from you!
  • If you have elderly family and neighbours, check in by calling them or by placing a care-note for them in their mailbox or attached to their front. You can also sign up for the Queensland Care Army through: https://www.covid19.qld.gov.au/carearmy.

If you or someone you know needs additional support the following organisations are available to help:

  • Free Women’s Legal Service (QLD) P: 1800 957 957
  • Parentline P:1300 30 1300
  • Domestic and Family Violence Helpline: Womensline: 1800 811 811 Mensline: 1800 600 636
  • Beyond Blue: P: 1800 512 348

For those of you wanting to capture more memories of this time for your children, perhaps this may be something you will enjoy putting together (an empty paper towel roll with cellophane or material on either end makes a great capsule): https://letsembark.ca/time-capsule.

To our Playgroup Queensland community, stay connected and stay safe because together we are stronger.

Blog by Playgroup Queensland Supported Programs Team Member Hazel.

You can view Playgroup Queensland’s most recent statement on COVID-19 here.