Baby Bathing


Children love to imitate adults. While doing this they learn about roles, jobs and how it feels to be an important person with special tasks to perform. Encourage the children to try out new roles and to interact with one another (e.g., “Ally can you tell Sam how you are bathing the baby?”). Use multicultural dolls to encourage conversation about different cultures. Use anatomically correct dolls and discuss in simple terms the differences between girls and boys. Great activity for a hot day!

What you need?

  • Water tray/doll’s bath
  • Dolls
  • Towels and washers
  • Water
  • Soap/bath wash (sensitive skin)
  • Nappies and doll’s clothes


1. Fill the water tray with water and soap.

2. Unfold a towel beside the tray and position the nappy and clothes close by.

3. Lay the baby doll next to the tray on the towel.

4. Undress the doll and ask children if they would like to bath a baby.

5. Help the child bath, towel try and dress the baby.


Set up the bath in an area that is made to look like a ‘bathroom’, perhaps on a child-height table.

Extension of the activity

  • Use simple language to instruct the children, “can you wash the baby’s stomach?” or “the baby’s feet are still wet, can you dry them?”.
  • Discuss what are appropriate hygiene practices, such as clean ourselves after playing in the dirt, washing hands before eating food, washing hands after toileting, etc.

Language Structure / Keywords

Use questions to encourage language and further learning, “do you have a brother or sister? What do you use to wash yourself in the bath? What do we do after we wash the baby? Now we need to put the baby’s nappy on, would you like some help?”.