I’m A Little Robot


I’m a Little Teapot is a song familiar to many children. Here is a fun action song about a robot sung to the same tune. Nursery rhymes make language learning more memorable and interesting and this song is no exception. Add some actions and help children develop balance, body awareness, spatial awareness and bilateral coordination. It is recommended for babies who can sit independently.

What you need?

  • Music!
  • Puppets or plastic ducks to visually show the children what is happening
  • Musical instruments
  • Felt boards (if available)


Sing this song (to the tune of I’m a Little Teapot)

I’m a little robot, shiny and new (stand straight with stiff arms and legs)

Press my button, and see what I do (push nose with hand)

I can move my arms and legs so straight (walk with stiff arms and legs)

Faster now so I won’t be late (walk faster!)

Finish with slow walking until stopped.


Have an open space with perhaps some pictures or books of robots and photos of the children doing some of the actions.

Extension of the activity

  • For older children, have some construction materials (e.g., cardboard boxes) available for the children to use in making their own robots.
  • Find a story about a robot to read at group time, such as That’s Not My Robot by Fiona Watt (an author of a series of sensory books).
  • You might also like to talk about the ways in which real robots are used.

Language Structure / Keywords

Highlight describing words like little, shiny and new. Talk about having straight arms and legs and the difference between feeling stiff and floppy or relaxed. Try singing the song as a ‘Floppy Robot’ for fun. Help the children make up their own words to the same tune.