Making Bubbles


Bubbles are a great source of delight for children. Bubble play is a socially interactive and infectious activity that brings children and babies together. When babies and children chase bubbles they are developing gross motor skills. When babies and children blow bubbles they are developing mouth muscles and speech sounds.

What you need?

  • ¼ cup glycerin
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 tablespoon liquid detergent
  • Bubble blowers
  • Container or tray


1. Make up bubble solution and pour into a container.

2. Blow the bubbles at the babies. They will enjoy watching the bubbles float and pop; some may try to reach for them (depending on the baby’s age).

3. Older children and toddlers can either try blowing bubbles or chase after them trying to catch them.


Special care should be taken with the bubble mixture to ensure it doesn’t come in contact with eyes and is not swallowed.

Extension of the activity

  • To colour the bubbles you might like to add some vegetable dye to the solution.
  • Add bubble mixture to your next water play activity. Stir up the water. The bubbles make a great addition to pouring games or pretend play with boats and toy marine animals.

Language Structure / Keywords

Watch the bubbles and talk about them, use words like: float, round, rainbow and sparkle. Encourage the children to catch the bubbles and introduce sound words like ‘pop’. Blow the bubbles up high and encourage the children to use words like jump, stretch and catch. You can also talk about the different colours the bubbles make as they float around the room.