Parachute Fun


Parachute play is a great way to get everyone involved at playgroup. Playing with a parachute is an holistic experience that promotes healthy habits while having fun and enjoying the company of others. Children will develop motor, problem-solving and social skills while participating in this activity. They also experience rhythm and patterns as they play with the parachute. 

What you need?

  • Parachute or a large sheet
  • Music
  • Lots of space!


1. Have the children and adults to hold a part of the parachute. Explain how the parachute works.

2. Sing different parachute songs during this activity.

3. For young babies lie them on the ground, play relaxing music and, with another person, float the parachute up and down above them while singing a song.

4. For older babies and toddlers, play ‘popcorn’ by getting everyone to hold the edge of the parachute, place popcorn (scrunched up paper or balls) in the centre of the parachute. Everyone wriggles the parachute making the ‘popcorn’ pop. Try not to let the popcorn fall out of the parachute.


Parachute play can be used as a quiet game. It is great for settling babies and children at the end of a busy playgroup session.

Extension of the activity

  • When doing this activity demonstrate words like fast, slow, up and down.
  • Incorporate colours (e.g., get the children to name and find something that matches a colour on the parachute).
  • Play music with different patterns and beats and mimic the music with the parachute.

Language Structure / Keywords

Use words like, under, over, up, down and around.