Water Garden


This experience provides a way to introduce your baby to nature and colours. A water garden offers the opportunity for babies to enjoy the sensory experience of playing with water. Incorporating songs while your baby plays is a foundational way of encouraging mathematical concepts. This experience is an all ages activity.

What you need?

  • A baby bath or baby pool
  • Flower heads, or petals (check to make sure they are not poisonous)
  • Rubber ducks


1. Partially fill a baby bath or similar large container with water and place it in a shady area on the ground.

2. Sit young babies in your lap beside the baby bath.

3. Place the flowers in the water along with the ducks.

4. You might like to colour the water with vegetable dye and talk through how the colour changes.

5. Sing Five Little Ducks or water songs.

6. Explore floating and sinking objects.


Never leave babies alone around water. Ensure each baby is being supported or held by an adult/parent.

Extension of the activity

  • Sing songs like, Here is the Sea, or make up your own while the babies are having fun splashing.
  • Incorporate plastic jugs and buckets into water play.
  • Water the garden by guiding your baby’s hand to assist with the watering.

Language Structure / Keywords

Ask open-ended questions, “what does this feel like? Is it cold or warm?”. Use language like full and empty, floating and sinking, and wet and dry. Colour recognition is another important concept in this activity.