Balloon Rocket

Pre Prep Activity
Creative Play


Children are naturally curious about the world around them. Adults can support this engagement and understanding of basic scientific principles by extending their interest with simple activities. Every day, children observe and engage with the movement of air. They catch bubbles, fly paper planes or kites, watch clouds move or feel the wind. This activity demonstrates how air moves. Children can develop an understanding of such concepts of force, pressure and gravity. They can be encouraged to hypothesise what will happen – a demonstration that the child’s ideas are valued. Concepts and thinking skills can be developed through asking questions, “where does the air come from? Where does it go? What if the string is longer/shorter? What if the string goes up/goes down? If there were two strings, would the balloons go at the same speed? The activity is easily repeatable and uses everyday items”.

What you need?

  • String
  • Plastic straw
  • Balloon
  • Stick tape
  • 2 chairs


1. Thread the string through the straw and tie the string between two chairs.

2. Blow up balloon (DO NOT TIE!) and tape to balloon.

3. Let it go! Let it go!

Balloon Rocket

Extension of the activity

  • Make paper planes or fans.
  • Use large eye droppers to blow feathers, leaves, paper, etc.
  • Read Rosie Revere Engineer (