Bubble Wrap Painting

Toddler and Pre Prep Activity
Creative Play


Bubble wrap painting is a fun and tactile lesson younger children will love. It allows children to explore and create using different colours and textures. The activity is also an opportunity for children to develop skills relating to colour recognition, mathematical concepts, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, language and social skills, and most importantly a sense of pride and achievement.

What you need?

  • Table
  • Bubble wrap
  • Coloured finger paint
  • Tape to secure the bubble wrap to the table
  • Butcher paper
  • Drying rack


1. Cover the table with bubble wrap and secure it to the table with tape.

2. Squeeze paint of different colours on to the bubble wrap.

3. Encourage children to mix the paint with their fingers making different colours.

4. Place a sheet of paper on to the creation and gently rub the back of the paper.

5. Lift off and encourage children to look at the design they created.

6. Place on drying rack to dry.

Bubble Wrap Painting

Extension of the activity

  • Provide props and tools to encourage exploration and development of fundamental skills.
  • Use shaving cream to vary the colour and texture of the paint.
  • Provide shaped cookie cutters, rollers, paint brushes and other tools to enhance their exploration and creativity.
  • Allow children to play with the bubble wrap – popping the bubbles – creating another sensory play experience. Talk about how it feels.
  • And don’t forget to supervise!