Finger Prints Identity Tree

All Ages Activity
Creative Play


This wonderful art activity needs minimal resources, but has a massive impact. The activity signifies a child’s sense of membership to a greater community. Parents/carers and children can take turns stamping their fingerprints to form a beautiful artwork that displays harmony and diversity. Parents/carers who are good at drawing can take the lead in penciling in the branches of the tree or the shape of the hot air balloon. Children with all capacities can choose colours, objects or sizes for the artwork.

What you need?

  • Two identical rectangles of contact paper
  • Masking tape and clear tape
  • Cereal box or recycled cardboard
  • Different leaves, flower petals and nuts from the backyard


1. Have an adult take the lead to sketch the basic shape of the artwork. For example, the branches for the tree, the round shape of the hot air balloon etc.

2. Once the basic shape is sketched, use poster paint to paint over the sketch.

3. Wait until the paint completely dries.

4. Start stamping away!

Fingerprints Identity Tree

Extension of the activity

The activity can be extended into a range of individual projects that families can easily replicate at home. Children can make Christmas cards, gift tags, at home DIY projects etc.