Friendly Faces

Toddler and Pre Prep Activity
Creative Play


We all look different. No one person looks the same – even identical twins have some differences! Encouraging children to interact and become aware of individual differences can be difficult. This activity allows children to create their own face using a variety of different textures. It aims to encourage acceptance of difference in the children taking part.

What you need?

  • Paper plate
  • Glue
  • Collage materials such as patty cake papers, pom poms, feathers, pasta, buttons, bottle tops, felt, etc.


1. Talk about emotions and facial features before you begin. Ask the children to describe what they look like; ask them to describe the person sitting next to them (i.e. eye and hair colour, colour of skin, size and shape of nose, etc.).

2. Pick out different collage items to make their face.

3. Glue items on the plate to create a face.

Friendly Faces

Extension of the activity

Encourage the children to create different faces and talk about feelings, textures, colours and appearances. Have the children create different characters or animals using the same materials. Use different coloured plates to create cultural faces.