Nature’s Sun Catchers

All Ages Activity
Creative Play


Kids love doing art. By expressing themselves with paint and paper they are nurturing their inventiveness, promoting their self-esteem and learning to self motivate. This activity blends a child’s artistic enthusiasm with a love of nature.

What you need?

  • Two identical rectangles of contact paper
  • Masking tape and clear tape
  • Cereal box or recycled cardboard
  • Different leaves, flower petals and nuts from the backyard


1. Go for a walk around your backyard and collect a variety of leaves, flowers petals and nuts.

2. Carefully remove the backing from one contact paper rectangle and use masking tape to tape the sheet sticky side up to your table.

3. Place the leaves, flower petals and nuts on the contact paper.

4. Remove the backing paper from a second sheet of contact paper and then place this sheet on top of the first (sticky side down), smoothing it as you go.

5. Cut out frame from the cardboard to fit the artwork.

6. Tape the rectangle of artwork on to your frame. Decorate the frame however you want.

Extension of the activity

  • The week before you plan to do this activity, make the frames with the children and get them to decorate them in a variety of ways.
  • Paint, cut and glue different papers, use glue and glitter or felt or simply use a good old crayon (perfect for the really little guys).