Painting With Objects

Toddler and Pre Prep Activity
Creative Play


Painting is foundational. It provides an opportunity to establish and build upon a child’s creative skills. Painting has other benefits including developing fine motor skills, encouraging wrist and elbow extension and hand-eye coordination. This activity experiments with different textures and invites children to express their ideas.

What you need?

  • Tables, chairs, easels
  • Paint & paint pots (and stand or something to put paint on)
  • Paper-easel and A4 paper
  • Drying rack and pegs (to hang wet paintings on)
  • Aprons (optional)
  • Wipes (a lot!)
  • Sharpie
  • Items to paint with (match box cars, fly swatter, plastic bottles, corks, cardboard, mesh dabbers, natural paintbrushes made from sticks and twine, pine cones, gum nuts, leaves, feathers)


1. Place paint and items to paint with on table or beside easel.

2. Ensure there is plenty of paper to capture the masterpieces.

3. Invite children to explore and investigate using items and paint.

4. Ask children prompting, open-ended questions (e.g., can you tell me about your painting? What colours have you used? What shapes are in your painting? What will this pinecone look like when we paint with it?).

Painting with Objects

Extension of the activity

  • Paint using string, marbles and golf balls.
  • View art works and invite children to create their impression using different items (or finger painting). This could also involve learning about different strokes and pencil grasp of paintbrush.