Space Rock Letters

Toddler Activity
Letters and Numbers


Space Rock Letters is a hands-on, fun way of learning about letters. This activity gives children the opportunity to practise letter recognition using simple materials. Children will begin to learn that the alphabet represents a set of symbols that can be used in multiple ways and settings to give meaning and purpose.

What you need?

  • Different size rocks
  • Chalk
  • Magnetic letters
  • Aluminium foil


1. Write the number with chalk on the rock. If a child cannot write you could dot an outline of the letter that the child can trace.

2. Wrap them in aluminium foil and hide them in a garden or inside the playgroup venue.

3. Invite the children to find them on a space treasure hunt.

4. You could also place the rocks on the outline of the letter to form a rock letter after writing on the concrete.

Space Rock Letters


Join the letters together and create rock words or numbers.

Extension of the activity

  • Before the activity, send the children outside to help find the rocks.
  • You could also use a paint brush and some water, model the letter on the rock and invite the child to try writing the letter.
  • Invite children to create letters using playdough. Use letter placemats to help with this activity.