We’re Going On A Croc Hunt

All Ages Activity
Letters and Numbers


Reading together is an influential and important way for children to build and experience listening and comprehension skills in children. This activity gives children the opportunity to experience reading, and helps them build their understanding of words through creative arts. By reading books together, children will become familiar with new vocabulary and begin to associate words, letters and sounds with the alphabet. Engaging with books can help with repetition, memory and rhythm, which builds mathematical foundations. Once you have finished reading We’re Going on a Croc Hunt, get together and use your imagination to go on your very own bear hunt: Splish splash through the water, crunch and scurry through the scrub and … argh, run away from the crocodile!

What you need?

  • The book, We’re going on a croc hunt
  • Imagination!


1. Read We’re going on a croc hunt out loud to the playgroup.

2. Using just your imagination act out the story by pretending to splish splash in the water and do the actions of running away scared!

We're Going On A Croc Hunt


Tell the story using real-life sounds.

Extension of the activity

  • Encourage the children to dress up as an Australian animal. Portraying a particular character may help with making a personal connection to the story.
  • Find or make props to carry out the experience.
  • Make a book, create a story together.
  • Tell the story using pictures, conversational reading.
  • Go on a letter hunt, identifying letters in the book or on signs, etc.