Learn to be a flyer in the circus! Helps to gain trust and learn focus, balance, body tension, strength and spatial awareness.

What you need?

  • 2 x people – 1x ‘Base’ (parent/carer) & 1 x ‘Flyer’ (child)
  • 1 x cushion OR 1 x towel/blanket/soft fabric


1. ‘Base’ takes cushion/blanket and places on the ground.

2. ‘Base’ sits on knees on blanket/towel/cushion.

3. ‘Flyer’ stands in front of ‘Base’ so both people are looking at one another with the ‘Flyers’ feet right in front of the ‘Bases’ knees.

4. ‘Base’ & ‘Flyer’ take hands and hold each other around the wrists.

5. ‘Flyer’ gently steps with one foot at a time on to the ‘Bases’ thighs.

6. ‘Flyer & Base’ look at each other and keep a straight, strong body position; slowly lean away from one another into the Acrobalance.

7. If this position is easy, you can release one hand and put it up straight, by the ear and ‘present’ the trick like a real circus performer. Remember to smile to the audience and perhaps even give them a wave if the position is feeling stable.

Extension of the activity

  • Hokey Pokey
  • Sleeping bunnies
  • Scarecrow