Ball Games


Encouraging children to play ball games that requires them to throw or roll objects supports their physical development by using their upper body strength, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and turn-taking skills.

What you need?

  • Small bean bags
  • Rolled up old socks
  • Scrunched up newspaper make into balls bound with masking tape
  • Balloons
  • Buckets or baskets
  • Kitchen funnels


1. Place buckets or baskets a couple of steps away from the children.

2. Encourage children to take turns throwing the bean bags or balls into basket.

3. You could also hang a bucket from a beam or a tree and encourage the children to throw bean bags or balls into it.

Extension of the activity

  • Sit on the floor with children and roll balls back and forth. This game supports children’s understanding of turn taking and helps develop their visual tracking skills. It is a perfect activity for babies.
  • Set up a bowling alley using coloured cones or building blocks. This game provides children with the opportunity to practise their aiming and throwing skills.
  • Try playing balloon catch using balloons and plastic kitchen funnels. Have a balloon and funnel for each child and encourage them to toss the balloon in the air and try and catch it with their funnel.