Some playgroup members may remember playing hopscotch as children. It’s an activity you might like to introduce to the older children at playgroup.

What you need?

  • Large concrete area
  • Chalk or masking tape to mark out the hopscotch grid
  • Objects to use as a marker for each person


1. Mark a hopscotch grid on the ground with chalk or masking tape.

2. One of the adults can show the children how to play hopscotch, hopping where there are single squares and jumping where there are two together.

3. When the final squares are reached, jump around to face the start, then hop and jump back again.

4. Children who haven’t yet learned to hop could step or leap from square to square.

Extension of the activity

  • As the children become more familiar with the game and their skills develop, introduce the use of a taw (flat stone). Each child throws this into the numbered squares on the grid. They then must skip the square with the taw while moving through the grid and attempt to pick it up on their way back to the start.
  • Find out about how similar games are played by people from other cultures. Hopscotch is played as ‘Pico’ in Vietnam, ‘Templehupfen’ in Germany, ‘Ekaria Dukaria’ in India, ‘Hinkelbaan’ in The Netherlands, ‘Rayuela’ in Argentina and ‘Marelles’ in France.