Obstacle Course


Children enjoy creative physical activities. With an outdoor or indoor obstacle course, their imagination can run wild when designing and choosing obstacles while developing their gross and fine motor skills.

What you need?

  • Large empty cardboard boxes
  • Old car/motorbike tyres
  • A piece of rope or cord (at least several metres)
  • Climbing frame (or a small ladder)
  • Balance beam/plank
  • Old sheets
  • Fabric or ready-made tunnels


1. You can open both ends of boxes/tunnels for children to crawl through.

2. Lay tyres so the children can step or jump into them easily.

3. The rope can be laid on the ground for the children to walk along, skip or jump over (for older children you can have it at a small height).

4. Place the climbing frame, old sheets and the beam anywhere along the course.

Extension of the activity

  • Set up a sensory obstacle course (e.g., stepping into slime, walking across bubble wrap, placing sandpaper on the top of the plastic stepping stones).
  • Have children and families bring their bikes or scooters to playgroup and do an obstacle course where the children navigate around objects on their bikes or scooters.
  • Set up an indoor obstacle course using equipment where children need to complete a task before moving on to the next part of the obstacle course (e.g., walk balancing a bean bag on your head, toss three objects into a bucket, put a ball between knees and bunny hop three times etc.).