Paper Bag Kites


A windy day can provide ideal conditions for kite flying at playgroup. Some members may have kites they can bring from home, but it can be even more fun to make them at playgroup! Paper bag kites are easy to make and fly, even when the wind isn’t very strong. If there isn’t a suitable area at your playgroup meeting venue, then head for a local park.

What you need?

  • Large paper bags
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Crayons
  • Collage items
  • Streamers
  • Tape
  • String


1. Children decorate bags using art materials.

2. Children glue streamers to bottom of bag.

3. Apply tape to each of the four corners of the bag.

4. Punch a hole through each of the four corners.

5. Cut three 75cm lengths of string.

6. Thread each of two of the strings through two holes (the tape will prevent tearing).

7. Tie each string making two loops.

8. Pull remaining string through loops.

9. Tie string to make a handle.

10 .Let’s go fly a kite!

Extension of the activity

Children will develop their understanding of objects and their movements through space as they watch and feel their kites flying up and down, in front, behind, high and low, and fast and slow.


  • Use streamers and ribbons for children to run or dance with.
  • Make a paper plate tambourine. Attach ribbons and encourage the children to make quick and slow movements that make the ribbons move around.