Frozen Animals


Frozen Animals is an activity that can be enjoyed by many, especially on a hot summer day. It invites children to use their senses and explore the sensation of the ‘cold’ item while also offering the opportunity to explore how to remove the items from the ice (i.e. melting the ice away by using water and sunshine etc.). Children also employ mathematical skills when taking part in this activity. For example, they learn the differences between liquids and solids.

What you need?

  • Ice containers and water to form the ice
  • Plastic animals and bugs
  • Food colouring


1. Fill the containers with water.

2. Place the animal/bug into the container with a drop of food colouring.

3. Put container of water with animal into the freezer and freeze overnight.

4. Remove from the freezer just prior to doing the activity.

5. Invite children to touch the ice and note its texture.

6. Combine this activity with water play and invite children to discuss ways of getting the animal or bug out of the ice.

Extension of the activity

Use balloons as the container and place plastic dinosaurs inside the water to create dinosaur eggs. Use recyclable items to measure capacity and concepts of sinking and floating; use open-ended questions, “I wonder what frozen item will have the most water after it melts?”

Read children’s books such as Who Sank the Boat and How Full is Your Bucket. Why do this activity? Creating curiosity in children and enabling them to reflect on what they are doing, develops a love of learning and encourages them to take the initiative.

Frozen Animals