Sensory Bag Play

All Ages Activity
Sensory Play


This activity provides sensory and exploratory play to encourage problem solving through experimentation and enquiry. It also helps children understand patterns, shapes and colours while promoting a natural curiosity towards creative learning. The activity can be extended to create a range of experiences, which encourages language, literacy and numeracy development.

What you need?

  • Paint or gel
  • Ziplock or heat-sealed bags
  • Coloured foam, soft toys, glitter, etc.


1. Place paint, and/or other mediums in ziplock or heat-sealed bags.

2. Add soft snakes, dinosaurs, glitter, foam shapes etc. to the bags.

3. Heat seal bags, or if using ziplock bags, close and tape end to prevent the bag from being opened.

4. Tape bags to a flat surface and let play begin.

  • Use resources and materials that are age appropriate.
  • Facilitate learning through conversation and sensory experimentation.
  • Explore ideas using imagination and creative play.
Sensory Bag Play

Extension of the activity

Enhance children’s learning by introducing appropriate tasks to scaffold learning and connect with other environments. Develop confidence in numeracy and literacy by using resources that encourage children to represent their ‘thinking’. Parent/carers can build a mathematical vocabulary to describe and explain mathematical ideas to support numeracy development (e.g., colours, shapes, numbers, sorting, etc.).