How The Birds Got Their Colours


Indigenous Australians have their own stories about how things came to be. This is one of them. Back in the Dreamtime all birds were the same colour – black. One day Dove got his foot caught in a tree branch and called out to the other birds for help. They all came and tried to make the dove more comfortable – all except Crow who didn’t do anything. After a while Galah had an idea and bit Dove’s foot releasing all the colours of the rainbow on to the birds surrounding Dove – some got a lot of colour, others just a little. But Crow got none and to this day remains black. This craft activity can be used in conjunction with reading the Dreamtime story, How the birds got their colours.

What you need?

  • Bird template
  • Feathers and felt
  • Googley eyes
  • Glue and scissors


1. Cut out the bird template (help if needed).

2. Glue on the feathers.

3. Add a beak using the felt.

4. Glue on googley eyes.

Extension of the activity

Tell stories from the Dreamtime and encourage children to recreate the stories using the wooden offcuts. Explore other early language forms, like hieroglyphics.