How The Echindas Got Their Spikes


Indigenous Australians have their own stories about how things came to be. This is one of them. Wanja the echidna didn’t always have spikes. Once there were beautiful white feathers where the spikes were, but Wanja was greedy and lazy. One day Wanja was so lazy he decided instead of hunting for food he would steal some medicine from Emu. As soon as Wanja swallowed the medicine he screamed and his beautiful feathers turned into hard spikes. This craft activity can be used in conjunction with reading the Dreamtime story, How the echidnas got their spikes.

What you need?

  • Echinda template
  • Glue or sticky tape
  • Crayons


1. Cut out the echidna template (help if the children ask for it).

2. Colour with crayons.

3. Draw eyes on one end for the head.

4. Glue/sticky tape match sticks on to the template to resemble echidna spikes.

Extension of the activity

Make an echidna using clay and match sticks or even playdough.