Indigenous Symbols With Sand Play


Indigenous Australian culture use many different symbols to tell stories or to reference land markings like a map. Symbols are still used today as a way for Indigenous Australian People to retain their history.

What you need?

  • What you need?
    • Picture cards of Indigenous Australian People
    • Universal Symbols
    • Sand
    • A stick of a strong pointed finger!


1. Choose a symbol.

2. Memorise the symbol.

3. Using the sand try and draw your symbol without looking at it.

4. Turn the card over. Does your drawing look like the one in the picture?

Extension of the activity

You can extend this activity based on the child’s interest in particular symbols. For example, if your child is interested in the kangaroo tracks then you can read books about kangaroos. Encourage them to describe what a kangaroo looks like, ask the children where the kangaroo keeps its babies etc.? Go online and find games you can play that feature kangaroos. If the child is interested in emus, talk about feathers; go for a walk outside and look for bird feathers.

This activity givens children a strong sense of identity, belonging and culture. It also uses fine motor skills, creativity, language and social and emotional skills.