The Rainbow Serpent


In the Dreamtime the Great Rainbow Serpent, Goorialla, stirred and set off to look for his own tribe. As he travelled, his big body created mountains and gorges in the earth. He found his people and showed the men how to dress, dance and build humpies. But, the bil-bil or the Rainbow Lorikeet brothers decided not to build a shelter and when a storm came they knocked on Goorialla’s humpy and he invited them in – straight into his mouth! Goorialla was worried what his people would think about the two missing boys so he left. The only way you can see Goorialla now is after the rain when his spirit takes the form of a rainbow in the sky. This craft activity can be used in conjunction with reading the Dreamtime story, The Great Rainbow Serpent.

What you need?

  • Paper plate, googley eyes
  • Crayons and scissors
  • String and red felt


1. Colour-in the plate.

2. Add googley eyes.

3. Cut plate in a circular shape starting on the outside and working in to the middle.

4. Add a small piece of red felt for the tongue.

Extension of the activity

Instead of a paper plate you can use an old stocking and stuff it with newspaper and paint. Or make a jumbo snake as a group. Use cotton tips and paint to dot paint the snake.