Visiting a Toy Library


Below is Emily’s story about her visit with Sophia to the Toy Library at Carindale.

Today I visited the Carindale Toy Library. It was a long awaited visit, as I had indeed been curious about what they had to offer. I parked at the Carindale PCYC and upon approaching the Toy Library area I was greeted by a great big smile from Virginia, who volunteers to run the library with her husband Robin.

Already there was a hive of activity in the library (and it had only just opened for the day!). Other parents and grandparents with little ones at their feet (or strapped in baby carriers) chatted as they viewed what was on offer.

Seven stands were set up with pictures of the many different sets of toys available. At a guess I’d say there were a few hundred!

Virginia explained to me how the process worked. After signing up and providing my Playgroup membership number I was able to select four toys (or sets of toys) to borrow by selecting images from each of the boards which were divided into different types of play, including a special area for baby toys.

After selecting my chosen toys from the boards I took the cards to the counter where Robin found bags containing each of my chosen toy sets. This month I chose for Sofia a truck and hardhat for sand play (she loves the sandpit at the moment), a see-saw and musical instruments. All of these were things I would have loved to have bought for her to use at home but couldn’t quite afford.

    It was then time to get everything in the car. I didn’t have Sofia with me, so this was easy. But if I had her with me, Robin was the first to put his hand-up to help anyone who had their hands full with a little person.

    As I carried them down the car, I started to picture her face this afternoon. Did I mention I love our Toy Libraries? Not yet, well I certainly did at that point!

    Later that afternoon I arrived home and got everything set up ready to surprise Sofia. Needless to say the see-saw was a hit…

    Wow, what an amazing experience! Now we have three fantastic toys to play with and explore at home for up to two months and it was all part of my playgroup membership (no extra cost).

    Emily pictured above at a Play Stars playgroup

      Sophia pictured above on her see-saw borrowed from the Carindale Toy Library

        I loved my Toy Library experience and here is why I’d recommend going…

        Five reasons to check out your local toy library:

        1. Keep the play room interesting with a rotation of different toys
        2. Explore different types of play with your children
        3. Upcycle, recycle and save money & plastic!
        4. Borrow toys for Grandma’s house
        5. Rotate new toys for your playgroup