Local workers and playgroup families have joined forces to design their very own polo shirt, specifically for Yarrabah families who attend the Communities for Children (CfC) play groups.

The groups are held at Djenghi each Monday from 10am to 12 noon and another session is held in the town area of Yarrabah at the Knowledge Centre every Thursday 10am to 12 noon. Both groups operate during the school term. The shirt design started with ideas from the local workers and families which then became a drawing, with the end result a polo shirt that was solely community designed. Playgroup Queensland then took the design to a graphic designer, The Branding Business, to bring the communities sketch to life. The polo shirts arrived for the playgroup families last month and everyone was very happy with the result – they look fantastic. The Yarrabah play groups are facilitated by Playgroup Queensland and funded by CfC. Thank you to all who contributed to the design of the polo shirts, the CfC Yarrabah Committee for their vision and assistance in establishing the play groups, and Gurriny Yealamucka Health Services for their support with the playgroup trailer.

Credit: Yarrabah News Volume 3 Issue 15: August 2019