Ageless Play


Playgroup Queensland’s Ageless Play initiative seeks to bring together the generations through a range of playgroup programs, supporting communities and nurturing relationships through play.


Ageless Play brings together families and older people for mutual benefit in a playgroup setting. Ageless Play Intergenerational Playgroups are a wonderful catalyst for stimulating collaboration between older people, young children, parents and carers. 

Family groups (consisting of Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Carers, children and babies) meet weekly with the elderly in safe and suitable facilities. Attendees engage in a diverse array of play-based learning activities and interactions, fostering connections with other families in their local communities and establishing mutually beneficial relationships with older people.


Children, Parents/carers and the elderly.


• Encourage friendship across generations.
• Help prevent feelings of isolation associated with ageing.
• Foster understanding and build respect between generations.
• Share older generation’s parenting knowledge and experience with young parents.


    Playgroup Queensland’s Ageless Play initiative offers a range of programs that can be delivered in Aged Care, Retirement Living and Early Learning Centres. Ageless Play is a user pays model where organisations partnering with Playgroup Queensland pay a set-up fee followed by an annual subscription.