Community Playgroups


Community Playgroups meet once or twice a week for up to two hours in venues such as community centres, halls, parks and the homes of playgroup families. No matter where you live in Queensland, you will find a Community Playgroup to suit your needs. Community Playgroups welcome all families regardless of culture, social or economic backgrounds. Community Playgroups are delivered by parents/carers with Playgroup Queensland’s early childhood qualified staff providing support, resources and follow up through visits, phone calls and online communication.


For children:

  • learn how to take turns
  • socialise with other children and adults
  • develop new skills
  • have fun playing with other children
  • learn through play.

For families:

  • enjoy activities outside of the home
  • make new friends
  • share experiences
  • develop new skills 
  • watch your child learn and develop new skills.

For communities:

Community Playgroups benefit communities by building support networks for families. Families attending playgroup develop friendships, support each other, and often help new members find other other services within their local communities.


To start a playgroup or to find out more about becoming a Contact Person for your group, call our Membership Team on 1800 171 882. 


Playgroup Queensland delivers over 400 Community Playgroups throughout the state. The program is funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services.