Intergenerational Playgroups


Playgroup Queensland’s Intergenerational Playgroup Program is an initiative that fosters strong community connections between the different generations. This booklet aims to provide information on how this type of program can benefit the emotional, social, physical and cognitive needs of residents of all ages and abilities. It outlines what playgroups are, how they operate and the role Playgroup Qld can play in assisting the successful establishment this type of program within a residential aged care setting.


Intergenerational Playgroups bring together families and older people for mutual benefit. They are a wonderful catalyst for stimulating collaboration between older people, young children, parents and carers. Intergenerational playgroups provide a flexible forum to explore areas of common ground and to celebrate the richness of each generation.

Playgroup Queensland’s Intergenerational Playgroup Program collaborates with Age Care Facilties and Services to provide structure, support, resources and family referrals. Under this model, family groups (consisting of Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Carers, children and babies) meet weekly with residents’ onsite in a safe and suitable area within the facility. Attendees engage in a diverse array of play based learning activities and interactions, fostering connections with other familes in their local communities and establishing mutually beneficial relationships with older people.


Children, Parents/carers and Residents in Aged Care facilities


For the Parents/Carers 

  • Parenting chats 
  • Meeting other mums/dads/carers who value mixing with the elderly 
  • New ideas for activities to do at home-things that their childhood never included-the value of play
  • A sense of belonging, feeling a part of a ‘family’

For the Residents 

  • Nuerological benefits, with recall memory 
  • Wards off isolation and lonliness 
  • Engaging in meaningful activities
  • A sense of independence and ownership

Aged Care Facilities

  • can be marketed to prospective families/residents
  • builds connections with the local community
  • contributes to the wellbeing of residents
  • showcases the aged care facility
  • builds connections with the local community
  • contributes to bridging the gap between old and young.


The Aged Care Facility and families that attend.