What is PlayTogether?

Play is for everyone! It is how we learn and grow. Playgroup provides a safe place for families to play, make new friends and have fun. Everyone should feel like they can join and belong to a playgroup.

We recognised a need to empower those families impacted by disabilities, providing a place to share and belong. Through the initiative, we are able to provide opportunities for more families to experience the benefits of playgroups, and raise awareness through inclusive play events, and provide support to overcome playgroup participation barrirs.


– Supports families that may find connecting with a playgroup difficult, because their child needs extra support.

– Provides information, resources and training for mainstream playgroups to become more inclusive.

Who can be referred?

Children aged 0 – 6 with a disability or developmental delay. A formal diagnosis is not required.


For families

Why might I connect with PlayTogether?

– You or your child has additional needs or a disability.
– You are looking for a welcoming and safe playgroup for your family.

What can PlayTogether do?

PlayTogether can provide individual family support so that you can enjoy your playgroup experience and access the services you need.

PlayTogether can:

– connect you to a playgroup that meets your family’s strengths and needs.
– provide you with information on play activities to support your child to play and engage.
– provide you with information on community and disability services for further support.
– work with a playgroup so that they can support you.

For playgroups

Why might we connect with PlayTogether?

– To learn and implement inclusion practices to create a culture of inclusion.

– An inclusive playgroup benefits all children and families to develop a supportive community.

PlayTogether can provide playgroups with information, resources and training to support inclusion of all children and families, especially those with additional needs or a disability.

PlayTogether can:

– provide information on how to set up the playgroup environment and modify play activities.
– work with playgroups to support families with a child that has additional needs.
– connect playgroups with local resources and services.




Developed by Playgroup SA in 2018, PlayTogether is a Community Playgroup program which can be embedded into all Playgroups to ensure they are totally inclusive of children and adults with disabilities. This course endeavours to give participants the necessary information and includes topics such as “What is inclusion?”, talking about a child with a disability, welcoming new families and creating inclusive Playgroup environments. A self-referral form is also available should you wish your Playgroup to become a PlayTogether Playgroup. 
If you are a Playgroup Queensland volunteer or member you are eligible to take part in this training. Please complete the form below and our team will be in touch.

Contact Us

This program provides support to families and playgroups in the Sunshine Coast region.

Our program officers are based in:

Sunshine Coast Playgroup Hub
1 Mons School Road,
QLD 4556

Phone:  (07) 5453 4938

Email: playtogether@playgroupqld.com.au


This project is delivered in Partnership with Playgroup Australia and funded by the Australian Department of Social Services.