PlayAble is an innovative play-based intervention program that fuses group-based intervention and facilitated playgroups. Unlike most therapeutic intervention, PlayAble aims to promote parent and child engagement and active participation of parents in therapeutic settings. ESDM was chosen as the interventional framework for PlayAble because it gave an age and theoretically appropriate guide for children with ASD.

Parents will continue to attend the group, assuming the role of ‘expert’ of their child. The therapist/facilitator will involve and consult the parents throughout each session. Enrolled families pay a fee to the partner provider and families must also become Playgroup Queensland members.

PlayAble will operate in small groups at a 1 to 4 ratio for two hours a week. A set of learning objectives will be established through the initial assessment and taught over a 10-week period. The learning objectives cover:
• receptive and expressive communication
• social skills
• play skills
• cognitive skills
• fine motor and gross motor skills
• adaptive behaviour skills.

The ‘play’ part of the program is designed to provide a range of activities suitable for children with a range of developmental capacities. Children and their families are encouraged to interact with others during the sessions.


    PlayAble is an interventional program for children 2-5 years’ old who have been diagnosed with ASD or children who are in the process of getting a diagnosis.


    PlayAble is one of its kind in Australia; PlayAble provides an opportunity for parents/carers and children to structure play to enhance the outcomes of therapeutic intervention and parent/child interaction through play.

    PlayAble provides a platform for children to:
    • Engage in structured therapeutic and play-based intervention
    • Early detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder
    • Enhance physical and cognitive development through therapy and play
    • Increase language and literacy skills
    • Increase the ability to attend and engage in group activities and routines in preparation for school
    • Increase frequency and quality of play with parents/carers
    • Increase positive interactions between children and parents/carer within the program and at home
    • Improve capacity in social and emotional resilience and better adaptation in social settings

    During the 40 weeks program, parents/carers will also experience the significant benefits of:
    • Increase frequency and quality of parent-child
    • Enhance knowledge of the role of play in supporting child development
    • Access to peer support and knowledge sharing in a non-judgemental environment
    • Enhance knowledge in identifying teachable moments in various environments
    • Enhance personal agency (parenting confidence, competence and self-efficacy)
    • Enhance self-care and parental emotional wellbeing
    • Enhance community and services connectedness

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        For more information on registration and details on how to access funding for program payment using National Disability Insurance Scheme, Helping Children with Autism Package and Private Health Insurance, please contact Playgroup Queensland: / 1800 171 882