Sing&Grow is a community driven music therapy project for families with young children. Through the sharing of both traditional and non-traditional children’s songs, Sing&Grow provides families with a safe space to interact in new and positive ways, to increase their confidence to use music and play at home, and to learn new ways to support child development. From 2005 to now, more than 12,000 families have participated in Sing&Grow programs across more than 800 sites nationally. Sing&Grow services are facilitated by Registered Music Therapists and include:

  • Group Programs
  • Workshops
  • Home Visits
  • Community Engagement Sessions
  • Community Partnerships
  • Facility-based Placements


Parents and their children aged 0-five years. Access to Sing&Grow is by referral only.


  • Strengthens family relationships.
  • Builds capacity in parents to support their children’s development in the early years of life.
  • Encourages the use of music within communities.
  • Builds skills for school readiness.


Visit the Sing&Grow website for services in your area. Please note, not all services are available in all locations and some may only be available through a brokering system. 


    Sing&Grow is partially funded by the Department of Social Services.