Step into Prep


Step into Prep is an 8 or 16-week, term based program. The program uses a playgroup format that builds children’s social and emotional skills as they transition to formal schooling. This occurs through engaging in age and developmentally appropriate learning games and routines using the Australian Abecedarian Approach (3a). Step into Prep creates opportunities to experience the school environment and to build relationships with teachers before formal schooling.


This program is delivered in Rockhampton in Central Queensland with families with children entering prep the following year.


  • Opportunities to learn about the school and better understand how to support their child to be ready for school;
  • The chance for their child to experience being in school and to engage with school staff in a welcoming and engaging way through play;
  • The opportunity to make friends with other children and families attending Prep the following year;
  • Practical opportunities to support their child’s development and their parenting skills in a non-threatening and supportive environment.
  • The chance to meet teachers and school staff and to feel welcome in school;
  • The opportunity to meet other parents and form friendships and support networks;
  • Support to help foster their child’s development and love of learning through coaching and feedback; and
  • Time to spend with their child in play and learning together.


For more information on Step into Prep, please call Playgroup Queensland on 1800 171 882 or email



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