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Community Playgroup

Community Playgroups meet once or twice a week for up to two hours in venues such as community centres, halls, parks and the homes of playgroup families. Community Playgroups welcome all families regardless of culture, social or economic backgrounds.

Community Playgroups are delivered by parents/carers with Playgroup Queensland’s early childhood qualified staff providing support, resources and follow up through visits, phone calls and online communication.

Intergenerational Playgroup

Intergenerational Playgroups bring together families and older people for mutual benefit. They are a wonderful catalyst for stimulating collaboration between older people, young children, parents and carers.

They provide a flexible forum to explore areas of common ground and to celebrate the richness of each generation. These playgroups are delivered in aged care facilities and services.

Organisational Playgroup

Organisations such as not-for-profit community groups, child care agencies, Family Day Care Schemes and Churches that run their own playgroups and already hold insurance coverage may affiliate with Playgroup Queensland and hold an Organisational Membership. Playgroup Queensland provides support to Organisations that establish playgroups as a service to their local community.