Maintaining a healthy diet for children is often one of the more difficult challenges of parenting.

Between their natural fussy habits, the dozens of birthday parties and special events, the influence of fast food advertising campaigns and even the well-intentioned efforts of grandparents – it can sometimes seem as though we, as parents, are saying “no” to a bad food choice at every turn.

Guarding against these influences and steering children towards healthier choices is not always easy, especially as the definition of what’s healthy seems to get more and more clouded with the discovery of each new superfood.

To help out, Goodstart Early Learning have compiled a list of articles they’ve published on the topic of nutrition for children and in a lot of cases, it boils down to basics: whole foods and a dash of creativity.

Nutrition for children under three

Nutrition in the first three years of your child’s life is an exciting journey. From the warmth and intimacy of breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, your child will launch into an exploration of tastes and texture as they discover what they like – and don’t like!

In this article Goodstart explore the topics of breastfeeding, infant formula, solids, allergies and more.

Nutrition for children three to five

Healthy eating habits at this age set your child up for a lifetime of eating well. And when you make healthy food part of your family life, it’s easier to give your child the nutrition he or she needs to learn, grow and develop.

Here we look at healthy foods and amounts, tips to make healthy options more accessible, and the benefits of family meal times.

Overcoming fussy eating

There is no doubt that feeding a fussy toddler can be one of the most frustrating aspects of being a parent. Sometimes there’s just no convincing a child to eat, no matter how amazing our ‘plane coming into land’ routine is.

In this article we speak with some Goodstart experts about food and its role in children learning about the world, as well as looking at the causes and solutions of fussy eating and whether or not tough love is a strategy worth trying.

Navigating the mine field that is healthy eating in children

Just about every day, new research is published on the effect of food on children’s behaviour. From red cordial to too much wheat, parents are told sugar is bad, dairy can affect mood and additives can make children hyper active.

Explore with Goodstart the ins and outs of food additives and get some wholesome advice here.

Packing a healthy lunchbox

Did you know that children eat about 30 per cent of their daily food intake at childcare and school? It’s an important figure to remember when you’re packing a lunchbox for your child each day.

A healthy lunchbox shouldn’t be complicated, and you can learn about some great options here.

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